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Art Submission

2012-04-07 06:14:34 by sptvR

Just uploaded my first real "contribution" to Newgrounds.
It's not much, just an abstract idea I stumbled upon.
Watch it over here.
Criticism is always welcome!

Hi guys,
Yesterday I bought a new tablet, a Wacom Volito...
I tried it out and this is the result...
What do you guys think about it???

First ban!!

2008-01-14 11:01:58 by sptvR

Got my first ban today... For posting in a "spam" thread...
The only thing I did was saying that it should be banned because the guy was advertising for a game...
Too bad... I was about to start an art thread, but hey, now I'll just have to wait huh??? :( :(
I'm not gonna whine about it, the mods won't un-do it I guess :)
See you in 2 days Newgrounds!!!!

Nothing to do... Or is there???

2008-01-09 13:27:48 by sptvR

Another boring period ahead of me... I have exams during the next 3 weeks...
I'm now spending most of my days learning. But hey, what you gonna do about it eh ;) ...
For those people who are also having exams (or will have them soon) good luck!!!..
Now back to the books ..
Over and out


2007-11-22 08:59:38 by sptvR

Watch out!!!